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ViTre - the dynamic IT solution for reading and writing process
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ViTre consists of the three programs ViTal, Vitex and ViseOrd.

ViTal talker electronic texts with comprehensible voices, e.g. Word, Internet, email, Facebook, etc. ViTal comes with a wide range of voices and languages by default. Read more about ViTal

ViTex is an OCR application that speaks the scanned printed text and PDF files. Vitex makes reading easy and clear and comes with a variety of voices and languages by default. Read more about Vitex

ViseOrd is a context-based program that helps to translate thought into text. ViseOrd is highly configurable and can be easily customized according to individual preferences and needs. Read more about ViseOrd

Vitre package

ViTre is a compensatory and qualifying literacy support program. Vitre is used by schools, businesses, municipalities and individuals. Vitre is applied to promote and streamline the learning and text work for people in education and business.

ViTre provides read support with natural voices, scanning printed text and PDF documents for reading and provides context-based prediction.

ViTre consists of three programs ViTal, Vitex and ViseOrd, each with their own purpose and functions. All three programs include a wide range of voices and languages.

Read more about the content of Vitre package